hire an estate settlement attorney in Los Angeles

The Important Roles of an Estate Settlement Attorney in Los Angeles

Planning for the future is something that is not always easy for many of us to do. Mapping out a proper plan is more than thinking about life after you retire; it also includes thinking about what will happen to your family and loved ones once you have departed. You want to make sure that they are provided for properly and that there will be no legal or financial difficulties after your passing. Planning what will happen to your estate is an important step to take, and you want to hire an estate settlement attorney in Los Angeles working with you that knows the roles they must play to make sure your wishes are executed properly and your family is cared for as you intended.

An Attorney to Construct Wills and Trusts

Your lawyer can help you to construct your will or set up trusts that follow your wishes. Establishing these legal documents is important to help state what your wishes are once you are gone and how you want your estate handled. Meeting with a lawyer helps you to map out everything legally so that your heirs are clearly defined, avoiding any possible disputes that can arise after you are gone. Having a will or trusts established can also help your family avoid potentially costly taxes and court costs associated with settling your estate.\

estate settlement attorney in Los Angeles

Helping to Settle Your Estate

Your estate settlement attorney in Los Angeles will be there to help make sure your will is executed according to your wishes. Your lawyer can help to handle all the details that your family may not know how to take care of, such as filing the death certificate with appropriate agencies, dealing with real estate transfers, contacting financial institutions, insurance companies, and creditors, and filing the proper tax returns when needed. All these issues will get taken care of properly, so your family has less to worry about.

An Expert Settlement Attorney for You

To hire an estate settlement attorney in Los Angeles that is expert in estate planning and execution of wills and trusts, you want to contact our office here at the law offices of I. David Small. Mr. Small has the expertise and understanding to help you with your estate so that you can feel at ease that your family will be cared for in the future. To arrange for a consultation, please call our office at 310-574-3037, and we will be happy to schedule a meeting with you.


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