create a certification of trust in los angeles

Information to Create a Certification of Trust in Los Angeles?

Creating a living trust or living will is something more people are taking seriously today. People want to make sure their assets and property are protected properly while they are alive and that their directives will be followed once they pass so that their heirs get what they specify in the trust or will. To go along with the creation of your living trust, you need to consider documentation that can protect the privacy of your heirs and children. It is important that you create a certification of trust in Los Angeles that you can supply to financial institutions and banks when they require information from you.

The Difficulties in the Past Involving a Trust

In the past, any time that you were making changes or where your trust is involved in financial dealings with a bank or other financial institution, it was required that the trust is produced as part of your efforts. Turning over this information would defeat the purpose of the trust because it will provide information that you wanted private regarding your wishes. The trust contains personal information, such as the names of your children, that you may not want to be revealed. California changed the laws back in 1993 to allow for greater protection for those that have a trust.

create a certification of trust in los angeles

Information to Create a Certification of Trust in Los Angeles

Now, instead of providing the trust documents, you can create a certification of trust in Los Angeles. The certification sometimes referred to as a trust certificate, must be accepted by institutions in place of the trust documents. The certificate must contain certain information, such as the name of the Grantor, the name and date of the trust, the trust taxpayer ID number, the trustees’ powers and other basic information. This document serves to satisfy any needs of the institutions without the need for the trust documents.

Arrange to Create a Certification of Trust in Los Angeles

If you need a living trust, you will also need to create a certification of trust in Los Angeles, you can turn to us at the law offices of I.David Small for assistance. We have over thirty years of experience working with wills and trusts and will help you establish the documents you need to protect yourself and your family. Call our office at (310) 574-3037 to schedule an appointment with our practice so that we can discuss your needs and learn your options for your trust.


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