Estate Taxes

1) Introduction/Welcome2) Expenses that reduce your estate3) Individual estate tax exemption4) Determining your taxable estate5) Federal estate taxes6) 3 ways to reduce estate taxes7) Leaving everything to your spouse (Death of First Spouse)8) Leaving everything to your spouse (Death of Surviving Spouse)9) Problems with Leaving Everything to Your Spouse10) Living trust with tax planning11) Living trust with tax planning (B)12) QTIP trust13) Generation skipping transfer tax14) Qualified domestic trust15) Tax free gifts16) Appreciating assets are best to give17) Give assets to charity18) Remove insurance from estate19) How insurance trust works20) $3 million estate21) Life insurance (inexpensive way to pay estate taxes)22) Personal residence trust23) Grantor retained annuity trust (GRAT)24) Limited Liability Company (LLC) and Family Limited Partnership (FLP)25) Charitable remainder trust26) Charitable lead trust27) Private charitable foundation28) 3 ways to reduce estate taxes29) Six-step action plan30) Conclusion