Estate Planning & Living Trusts

1) Introduction/Welcome2) What is an estate?3) Why Do Estate Planning?4) Who needs estate planning?5) Elvis Presley6) Groucho Marx7) When should you plan?8) Common estate plans9) Plan #1: Will10) What is probate?11) Probate illustration12) Probate is big business13) Probate takes time14) Probate is public15) Probate process has control16) Wills and incapacity17) Minor children or grandchildren18) Plan #2: Doing Nothing19) Plan #3: Joint Ownership20) Joint ownership and probate example21) Joint ownership and disinheriting example22) Joint ownership summary23) Plan #4: Giving Away Assets24) Stepped-up basis example25) Stepped-up basis example (cont.)26) Plan #5: Beneficiary Transfers27) Keeping control with a revocable living trust28) Living trust vs. will29) Changing titles30) Property titled in living trust avoids probate31) You keep control32) Your living trust team (A)33) Your living trust team (B)34) Benefits of corporate trustee35) You control inheritance36) You control inheritance (cont.)37) Living trust summary38) For medical decisions39) Follow our Five-Step Action Plan40) Conclusion