Charitable Remainder Trusts

1) Charitable Remainder Trusts2) About This Presentation3) Congratulations!4) Benefits Of CRT5) How CRT Works (Step 1)6) How CRT Works (Step 2)7) How CRT Works (Step 3)8) Example: Max and Jane Brody9) Example: Income After Sale Without CRT10) Example: Income After Sale With CRT11) Income Choices12) Unitrust13) Annuity Trust14) Trust Income Options15) Income Tax Deduction16) Which Assets Are Best?17) Who Can Be Trustee?18) You Still Have Some Control19) "What About My Children?"20) Beneficiary Analysis: Without CRT21) Beneficiary Analysis: With CRT22) Replace Asset With Life Insurance23) Beneficiary Analysis: With CRT + LIT24) Life Insurance You Own Is Included In Your Taxable Estate25) Life Insurance: Inexpensive Way to Replace Asset26) Benefits of Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust27) Income Comparison28) Summary Comparison29) Benefits Of CRT30) 5-Step Action Plan31) Peace Of Mind